10 24 09 The Wedding of Jennifer and Daniel at Rutgers Gardens Douglas Chapel


Sorry about the underline. I can't get rid of it.

Weddings in general are crazy. It's very rare that a wedding goes as planned, usually there is some bump in the road (normally minor) but there is always something. I have seen some crazy weddings but so far none crazier then Jen and Dan's............so far.

It all started when the bridal party was painting Jen's toe nails, programs were still being printed and things were just a little behind schedule........Ok that is normal. People often ask me"Is it usually this crazy?", on their wedding day. Yes it generally is.

As Jen is getting dressed she gets a call from her future husband. Dan was is a car accident and totaled his car (thankfully he was ok, but it will explain the grimace on his face). Without that car he had no way to get him and his groomsmen to the church. Jen's SUV had a flat the day before which they didn't get around to fixing so the trolley had to pick up the groomsmen along with the bride and her bridesmaids. So much for seeing her the first time walking down the isle......

The trolley driver who was patiently waiting outside the brides home went and picked up the groom on the way to Douglas Chapel. They had a beautiful ceremony and Douglas Chapel was very pretty. Even with it pouring outside the church was beautiful. I stayed on the floor and my husband second shot. He got shots from the multiple balconies and a great shot of her and her dad walking in. He also got so many great candid moments throughout the day. I am really happy with his progress! Tracy also helped assist on this one and I am so happy she came because it was just a crazy day. Plus she helped hold the umbrella over my head for most of the day so I could shoot in the rain and get these great shots.

After the ceremony we took pictures on the front covered area of the church since it was raining off and on. We ventured to the kissing bride for a few pictures before heading back to the trolley. We took a few more pictures at the reception but the were unique and different. Jen and Dan had brought rain boots and they put them on and we found a mud puddle. I love pictures that are different from the norm and I never expected them to actually stand in the mud but they did! It was so much fun and Dan even smiled a bit!

At the reception they had a first danced planned and since the Rutger's Garden is an outdoor covered area the floor was wet. Daniel took a very hard fall. After they checked him over he got up and tried the first dance again this time they made it through the whole thing. Jen's dress on the other hand didn't make it out ok, it was the dirtiest wedding dress from mopping the dance floor. Did this bother her? Nope she saw it and said oh well.....What dedication this couple had and as you can see Jen kept smiling throughout the entire day and Dan........well Dan was smiling on the inside.

Oh and then the rains came and the Tropical Storm came down and oh yes Rutger's Gardens flooded. What a night but totally worth it! Love the Pictures!

Make-up - Mary Ann Kaiser
DJ - Vincent from High Energy